PSPA Covid-19 Protocols

PSPA Covid Protocols & Guidelines

General Information Regarding PSPA Re-Opening Plan

Massachusetts Phase 3 – PSPA studio re-opens for group classes July 13, 2020

Dear Dance Parent,

It’s a challenging time as our community begins the Re-Opening Process and the studio moves back to “in-studio” classes starting July 13, 2020 as part of Governors Phase 3 plan.

We’re reaching out to let you know about the protocols and updates we’re implementing at PSPA creating safe dancing space within the studio in light of the Covid Health Crisis.


Summer students will receive “additional, specific” details for your summer classes or day camp

Open House Saturday, July 11th  9:00 – 12:00  /  Sunday, July 13th  9:00 – 12:00 and 1:00 – 3:00

PSPA Protocols are as follows (as of June 27, 2020):

Studio General Information:

  • PSPA is proud to be one of the core group of Massachusetts Studios to actively contribute and lead the way in defining a Dance Studio specific category and participate in the development of the state guidelines for Dance Studios and re-opening standards due to the COVID Pandemic!
  • Staff – All have attended CDC protocol training sessions keeping us up to date as of this time. We continue to monitor for any new or modified items and will remain current in their training
  • Class sizes are limited to 10 or less in compliance with group gatherings for Dance Studios
  • Studio areas are marked in color coded “personal dance spaces” in order that students are able to visually maintain the recommended minimum 6 foot separation
  • Masks are required in all common areas
  • Should we have a confirmed case of COVID within the studio, be assured we will notify all that “may” have been exposed
  • Separate space screened off for anyone that feels ill to wait for pickup in the lobby area
  • As we run multiple studios, “current” published start times may be altered slightly to allow for only one class entering /exiting at a time – you will be notified if this impacts your class
  • Common areas are not open to the public during class times without prior arrangements. You may call while here in the paring lot as well for last minute requests and we will accommodate as much as possible depending on schedule and if classes / teachers are in session or transition. Special arrangements and proper social distancing will be in place for our “youngest” students to have a parent in the lobby during class
  • Front Desk Hours are limited to promote non-contact interaction. Please feel free to contact us via phone or email until additional Covid Front Desk hours are established
  • Acro dance mats are not shared during class and sanitized after each use
  • Bathroom will be cleaned and sanitized after each use
  • Each studio as well as the office has a sanitation kit
  • The lobby is divided by a Sneeze Screen allowing one bathroom for studio 1 & 2 and the other for studio 3 & 4
  • Between each class:
    • Ballet barre’s, door knobs, doors and frames are wiped down with Lysol or equivalent wipes
    • Any props or other items used in class will be sanitized prior to the next use
    • Lobby area (counter, doors, door frames, hand rails, etc) will be wiped / cleaned as above
  • Regardless of any guidelines, we realize everyone will have their own comfort level and we fully support each and every one of our dance families in their personal decisions during this time of uncertainty


  • If your dancer doesn’t feel well please do not allow them come to the studio
  • Everyone is required to wear a mask entering and leaving the studio and in common areas
  • Everyone will be asked to sanitize their hands upon entering and leaving the studio
  • Minimize what belongings you bring with you
  • Clearly label all items – including water bottles, etc – Please do not bring any unnecessary personal items
  • Each studio will have an identified space for each dancer to place their dance bags / shows, etc – none will be kept in lobby
  • Please wash and sanitize your hands if you leave the studio space and re-enter (eg: bathroom, etc)
  • If your dancer falls ill at the studio they will be removed from class, placed in the Sick Room in the lobby. You will be contacted for their immediate pick up.
  • Masks may be worn in studio if dancer chooses, but are not required in class per CDC guidelines. Must be put on if a dancer enters common space

Summer Financials:

  • Any class cancellations due to COVID related mandated guidelines will result in a full refund of camp or class tuition
  • We realize many of our families have been impacted financially due to COVID and as always, if you need assistance in the form of financial aid for dance, please reach out to us so we hay help you to the best of our ability to insure your dancer is able to attend
  • We are also modifying our tuition refund policy for the summer camps / classes as follows:
    • If you have already registered for a summer class/intensive/camp and have already decided not to attend – Please let us know now and we will refund any tuition paid – just let us know as soon as possible
    • If you have registered or will register and planning to attend – Tuition must be paid minimum of 14 days prior to start of class (or prior arrangements made)
    • You will receive email specific to your class with additional detail
    • There will be NO REFUNDS for cancellations made ten business days or less for any and all Dance/Acro/ Workshops/Camps/Intensives Programs due to the required limited class size and our necessary commitment to staff and dance camp supplies. The exception of course-if class is cancelled due to a ” Shut Down” initiated by Governor Baker. 

Please make use of your Jack Rabbit Parent Portal for transactions. Or mail your payments to PSPA 30 Corporate Park Dr. Suite 400, Pembroke Ma 02359

All Protocols are subject to change in accordance with required CDC recommendations and Governor Baker and his committee.

We at PSPA want our dance families to know that the safety and wellbeing of our dancers is our first priority. We intend to keep you informed and ask you to contact us with any concerns you may have or to make us aware of any product suggestions you have encountered.  (We are always on the lookout for cleaning supplies and sanitizer!) We wish to thank our returning Students and Dance Families for their continued love and support and extend a warm welcome our new dancers and their families.

Sparkle and Shine,

Miss Kathleen, Mr. Michael and your PSPA Staff

Zoom Classes

Online classes are keeping us all connected. Since our first online class Mar 19th thru to present day our staff continues to reach out to our dancers with daily LIVE classes!- Come join the Fun!

Kids Expo

Join us on Sunday September 13th, 2020 at the Kingston Collection for the ​South Shore Kids Expo! The South Shore Kids Expo offers FUN experiences and showcases for kids of all ages…and opportunities and information for parents from a variety of organizations, business and services for kids! ​ This FREE event is for kids of all ages!

Open Letter to Our Dance Parents & Families:

Open Letter To Our Dance Parents & Families

May 7, 2020

First, we hope you are all healthy and well. We want to thank all of our dancers for participating in our online classes these past few weeks. We realize this is a difficult time for all in many ways each and every day now, and we are all still uncertain of many things in life from health, finances, security, etc.

We take great pride in the ability of our business, our staff, and all of you to quickly adjust to online Dance Education classes beginning March 19th through current day. We also realize at times it can be challenging and even discouraging working on technique and routines alone in front of a computer screen. While there are still many unknowns, we remain fully committed to bringing you quality dance education and remaining connected to all of you, our students and dance family during this Covid Health Pandemic.

Our staff has continued to bring daily “live” classes, offered additional classes for our younger students at no additional cost, added classes taught by our alumni for our intermediate and advanced dancers, including live streaming and more. We continue to seek out additional methods and curriculum that will bring us all through this.

That said, for several parts of the country” re-opening” has begun. While the thought of getting back to class is wonderfully exciting for all of us, it will certainly bring with it challenges. The good news is that we have a wonderful, creative staff and dance family members full of problem solvers. We are currently working to create a studio environment focused on the safety, health, and well being for our dancers and their families.

While these changes are designed to meet the “new normal” of a Covid-19 environment, what hasn’t and will not change is our commitment to our dance family and community.

As mentioned in our newsletter earlier this week, we have “multiple” options for upcoming costume delivery, pictures, June performances, classes, camps, etc. and final decisions, while not made yet, will be forthcoming. Much will depend on “official” guidelines over the next couple of weeks.

WE look forward to seeing all of you back in the studio very soon. Until then, stay well, watch for updates, please feel free to call or email at any time . . . . visit our  student wall of hearts at your convenience, and for now . . . we’ll see you online!

Sparkle and Shine!

Miss Kathleen, Miss Jennifer, Miss Alyssa, Miss Tiffany, Miss Kendra, Miss Tina, Miss Michelle, and Michael!

Take Center Stage Dance Competition 2020

  • Overall High Score – #209 My Shining Hour – Isabella Almeida
  • Advanced High Score – #209 My Shining Hour – Isabella Almeida
  • Teen Advanced Duo/Trio – Fifth Place Medal – #212 Carry You – Campbell Dixon & Sarah Blake
  • Teen Advanced Solo – Ninth Place Medal – #206 The Beat Goes On – Sofia Branco
  • Teen Advanced Solo – Eighth Place Medal – #208 All I Want – Campbell Dixon
  • Teen Advanced Solo – Sixth Place Medal – #207 All that Matters Now – Lily Romanelli
  • Junior Advanced Solo – High Score Plaque – #209 My Shining Hour – Isabella Almeida
  • Junior Advanced Solo – Sixth Place Medal – #210 Imagine – Hayley Casper
  • Mini Novice Solo – Second Place – Take a Chance on Love – Ashton Nicinski

Adjudicated Awards:

  • Mini Novice Solo – Platinum – Take a Chance on Love – Ashton Nicinski
  • Teen Advanced Duo/Trio – Platinum – #212 Carry You – Campbell Dixon & Sarah Blake
  • Junior Advanced Solo –Platinum – #210 Imagine – Hayley Casper
  • Junior Advanced Solo – High Platinum – #209 My Shining Hour – Isabella Almeida
  • Teen Advanced Solo – Platinum – #211 Trolley Song – Julia Feldman
  • Junior Advanced Solo – High Gold – #215 Pennies from Heaven – Emily Binette
  • Teen Advanced Solo – Platinum – #208 All I Want – Campbell Dixon
  • Junior Advanced Solo – Platinum – #214 Honeysuckle Rose – Isabella Marucci
  • Teen Advanced Solo – High Gold – #213 Black & Gold – Sarah Gibson
  • Junior Advanced Solo – High Gold – #205 Is It Alright – Isabella Almeida
  • Teen Advanced Solo – Platinum – #206 The Beat Goes On – Sofia Branco
  • Teen Advanced Solo – Platinum – #207 All that Matters Now – Lily Romanelli

Spirit of Dance 2020

Spirit of Dance Awards

Somerset, MA

February 29-March 1, 2020

Proud to announce PSPA received the STUDIO SPIRIT AWARD!

  • Special Award “Classic and Cool” – Elegance
  • Elegance was also invited to the Judges Choice Dance Off at Nationals!
  • Elegance received an Ultimate
  • Better Together received a Gold
  • Big Time received a High Gold
  • Newsies received an Ultimate
  • Newsies received a Special Award for “Fabulous Feet”
  • Survivor received an Ultimate
  • Waltz from Coppelia received a High Gold
  • Sparrow received a High Gold
  • Song Bird received a High Gold
  • Survivor -Competitive Teen Sm Group Overall 4th place
  • 3rd place for Elegance
  • Special Award “Heels on Fire” – When I was your Man
  • The Beat Goes On received an Ultimate
  • When I was your Man received an Ultimate
  • Love is a Verb received an Ultimate
  • Love is a Verb was awarded a Scholarship for Dance in NY or LA in the amount of $2020 for Boys Dance Too!
  • Imagine Received an Ultimate
  • My Shining Hour received an Ultimate
  • Is It Alright received a High Gold
  • I’m Coming Home received a High Gold
  • All I Want received a High Gold
  • Blue Lips received a High Gold
  • Trolley Song received an Ultimate
  • AWO received a High Gold
  • Ain’t Nobody received a High Gold
  • Black and Gold Received High Gold
  • All that Matters received High Gold
  • Hello Dolly received an Ultimate
  • Hello Dolly received a special award “Nuance is Nice”
  • This is Me received an Ultimate Production overall High Score 2nd place
  • Hello Dolly received 1st Place!

It was an amazing weekend and great start to our Competition Season! Thank you to our choreographers, dancers and especially our Dance Parents for their love and continue support.

Sheer Dance Competition 2020

Pembroke School of Performing Arts

Sheer Dance Competition Mansfield/Foxboro, 31 Hampshire St Mansfield Ma 02048

Additional Awards:

Sheer Ambassadors – Lily R & Jarred

Artistic awards – Ashton, Bella A, Grace K, Lilah, James, Kayla, Indy, Mackenzie, Zoe, Bella M, Logan, Cailene, Alex, Anna, Hayley

Excellent Awards – Lucy, Chloe, Nicole, Collin, Alex, Sofia B, Lily R, Julia F

Studio Award for all Jr Group 13 + Productions!

We received 2 out of 3 Outstanding Choreography awards – Hello Dolly choreographed by Miss Jenn & Survivor choreographed by Mr. Jarred

Directors Award went to My Shinning Hour performed by Bella Almeida, choreographed by Miss Jenn

Ballet Scholarships summer intensives went to Luci Waitkus, James Maloney, Logan Madeiros, Lily Romanelli, Cailene Cummings

Entry # Time Title Div/Cat Age Level Awards
#33 9:28 Down at the Dinner Group/Tap 1-8 comp Diamond – 1st Place!
Special Award – Take a Selfie Award
#39 9:48 Bop Group/Jazz 1-8 comp Titanium
#41 10:15am Taking A Chance on Love- Ashton Solo/tap 1-8 Elt Diamond
Special award – Foot Mover 1st Place Overall
#49 10:37am Le Jazz Hot- Maddi Solo/jazz 11-12 Elt Titanium
#51 10:42am Pennies from Heaven- Emily B Solo/tap 11-12 Elt Platinum
#52 10:45am Honeysuckle Rose- Bella M Solo/tap 11-12 Elt Diamond
Special award – Rhythm Genius 2nd place overall
#66 11:23am Black and Gold- Sarah G Solo/Jazz 13-15 Elt Platinum
#67 11:26am Is It Alright- Bella A Solo/Lyrical 13-15 Elt Titanium
#68 11:29am Blue Lips- Alissa Solo/Lyrical 13-15 Elt Platinum
#69 11:32am All I want- Campbell Solo/Lyrical 13-15 Elt Platinum
#73 11:43am Coming Home- Sarah B Solo/Lyrical 13-15 Elt Platinum
#75 11:48 All that Matters- Lily Solo/M Th 13-15 Elt Diamond
#77 11:54am Trolley Song- Julia Solo/M Th 13-15 Elt Diamond
#78 11:56am Ain’t Nobody- Nicole Solo/Tap 13-15 Elt Diamond 4th place- Teen Solo
#79 11:59am Somethings Got A Hold on Me- Anna Solo/Tap 13-15 Elt Diamond
#80 12:02pm My Shining Hour- Isabella Solo/Tap 13-15 Elt Diamond 1st Place – Teen Solo
#82 12:07pm AWO- Cailene Solo/Tap 13-15 Elt Diamond   5th Place – Teen Solo
#84 12:13pm Imagine- Hayley Solo/tap 13-15 Elt Titanium
#85 12:16pm The Beat Goes On- Sofia Solo/Tap 13-15 Elt Diamond
#86 12:18pm Epiphany-Abi Solo/Ballet 16-21 Elt Titanium
#103 1:05Pm Survive- Michelle Solo/Lyrical 16-21 Elt Platinum
#106 1:13pm Love is a Verb-Logan Solo/Tap 16-21 Elt Diamond 3rd Place – Sr Solo
#107 1:06pm When I was Your Man- Collin Solo/Tap 16-21 Elt Diamond 4th place – Sr Solo
#108 1:19pm Set Fire to the Rain- Grace Solo/Tap 16-21 Elt Titanium 1st Place – Sr Solo
#109 1:22pm Natural Women- Alex Solo/Tap 16-21 Elt Titanium
#112 2:20pm I’m into Something Good- Lilah, James Dou/Tap 1-8 Elt Titanium
Overall High Score 1st Place
#116 2:31pm That’s How we Do-Kenzie, Kayla, Indy Trio/MTh 1-8 Elt Titanium
Overall Small Wonders Trio 1st place
#117 2:34pm Unbreakable- Zoe, Bella, Ashton Trio/Acro 9-10 Elt Titanium
Jr Trio 1st Place
#119 2:40pm Better Together-Kylie, Athena, Kaila Trio/Jazz 9-10 Elt Platinum
Jr Trio 4th Place
#121 2:46pm B & W Thunderbird Hannah, Bella, Hayden Trio/Jazz 9-10 Elt Platinum
Jr Trio 5th Place
#126 3:00pm The Syncopated Clock- Juniors Group/Ballet 9-10 Elt Platinum
#128 3:06pm Dance With Me- Mini Group/ Jazz 1-8 Elt Titanium
Overall Sm Wonder Sm Group – 4th Place
#132 3:20pm True Colors- Juniors Group/Lyrical 9-10 Elt Titanium Jr Sm Group – 2nd place
#136 3:39pm Choo Choo Ch’Boogie- Mini Group/Tap 1-8 Elt Titanium
#140 4:04pm Fragile World- Mini Group/Lyrical 1-8 Elt Titanium
Overall Sm Wonder Sm Group – 5th Place
#144 4:24pm On Broadway- Juniors Group/Jazz 9-10 Elt Titanium
Jr Sm Group – 5th place
#148 4:44pm It’s A Good Day-Juniors Group/Tap 9-10 Elt Titanium
Jr Sm Group – 3rd place
#152 5:04pm A Million Dream- Acro Lg Group/Acro 9_10 Elt Titanium
#156 5:24pm It’s Party Time-Mini & Jr Lg Group/Mus Th 9-10 Elt Platinum
#163 6:41pm Carry You Duo/Lyrical 13-15 Elt Titanium
#165 6:46pm I Won’t Dance Dou/Tap 13-15 Elt Diamond
Overall Teen Duo – 1st place
#172 7:05pm Such A Night Trio/Jazz 13-15 Elt Titanium
#173 7:08pm I’ll Be There- Sarah, Abby, Marianne Trio/Lyrical 13-15 Elt Platinum
#174 7:11pm Saint Honesty-Cailene, Julia, Lily Trio/Lyrical 13-15 Elt Diamond
#179 7:27pm Bills, Bills, Bills- Hayley, Anna, Alex Trio/Tap 13-15 Elt Special Award – WOW
#180 7:30pm Waltz from Coppelia Group/ Ballet 13-15 Elt Titanium; Special Award – Ultimate Vicki Sheer Ballet Award
#183 7:47pm Big Time-Seniors Group/Jazz 13-15 Elt Titanium
#187 8:09pm Songbird- Seniors Group/Lyrical 13-15 Elt Titanium
#191 8:28pm Sparrow- Seniors Group/Lyrical 13-15 Elt Titanium
#192 8:32pm Elegance-Seniors Group/ Tap 13-15 Elt Diamond
#195 8:50pm Survivor- Seniors Group /Tap 13-15 Elt Diamond
#198 9:08pm Diamonds-Seniors Lg Group/Jazz 13-15 Elt Titanium
#201 9:26pm Up to the Mountain-Seniors Lg Group/Cont 13-15 Elt Platinum
#204 9:49pm This is Me-Seniors Prod/Lyrical 13-15 Elt Diamond; Special Award – Most Motivating
#207 10:16pm Hello Dolly- Seniors Prod/M Th 13-15 Elt Diamond; Special Award – Best of the Day
#210 10:44pm Newsies- Seniors Prod/Tap 13-15 Elt Diamond

Our Commitment to You & Your Dancer’s Health & Safety

Update 3/15/2020

Dance Fans just reaching out to give a brief update. We are working to create online classes to all our dancers. We hope to be up and running some time this week. Our commitment to our dancers and dance family continues. Our intent is to provide quality dance education to all levels in a user friendly online program. Please be patient as we work out the details. We are creative problem solvers and we will rise to the challenge before us. Stay safe and healthy, clean hands means happy dancing As always reach out or send emails with any concerns or questions you may have