Dance Studio- Pembroke School of Performing Arts

About Our Dance Studio
We Love to Dance…and it Shows!

Pembroke School of Performing Arts was established in February of 1988 with the desire to provide proper dance and theater education, acknowledging that all children (young and old) should have the opportunity to explore the world of performing arts in a positive, safe and friendly environment. At our dance studio, we strive to recognize both the recreational and aspiring professional artist and create the learning opportunity for positive growth of individual goals.

Dance Programs
Explore, Discover & Dance

We promote the art of dance through programs that provide students the opportunity to explore, discover and dance at a level appropriate for their age, skill and desire. Our house is always open – viewing windows are located conveniently in the lobby to allow viewing of classes with uninterrupted class instruction. Parents are free to view their child’s class each week or when their schedule allows.

Our Dance Studio Goals
Kinesthetic Intelligence, Self-Expression, & Confidence

Pembroke School of Performing Arts’ goals include the development of kinesthetic intelligence, to create the opportunity for self-expression, teach the value and skills of creative problem solving and risk taking, and promoting positive self-esteem and confidence. We encourage our students to establish positive health practices and a healthy life. We also provide opportunities for students to participate in community outreach.

Dancer Health & Safety
Staff and Studios

The health and safety of our dancers is foremost in our thoughts at our dance studio. All of our experienced staff has attained CORI approval, all music, costuming, and choreography is age-appropriate, and all of our studios have wood sprung floors or Marley to prevent injury. Studios 1 & 2 currently use the same floor as Dancing with the Stars and Studio 3 has a Roscoe floating sub floor and surface otherwise known as Marley as used by colleges, touring companies, and competitions alike. We have taken great lengths to insure the health of our dancers and are not dancing on cement surfaces. Learn more about our dance studios.

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