Dance Classes | Pembroke School of Performing Arts

Acro Dance Classes
Dance blended with acrobatics

Acro dance classes at Pembroke School of Performing Arts seamlessly blend dance and acrobatics. Students practice fundamental acrobatic techniques and skills such as handstands, cartwheels, back bends, walkovers chin stands, elbow stands, balance, and contortion tricks depending on individual level of experience.

Ballet Dance Classes
Build a strong fundamental dance foundation

Pembroke School of Performing Arts ballet classes are designed to give both recreational and aspiring dance professionals a strong fundamental dance foundation. Our ballet classes focus on age appropriate ballet technique and terminology including barre work, center floor work for adagio & turns, allegro for jumps and leaps, and pointe and pre-pointe where appropriate.

Dance with expression

Contemporary dance is an expressive style of dance that combines elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet.

Creative Movement Dance Classes
Inspire them to move

Promote growth and promotes introduce your child to new concepts. Some exercises include: basic tumbling on our mats, guided ribbon dancing by mimicking the instructor, using colors to make patterns, counting steps, and using our “listening ears” in a call-and-response type of dance.

Hip Hop Dance Classes
Dance with personal improvisation

Hip Hop is a high-energy, performance-focused style of dance and is a fun option for students who love popular dance music.  Take a break in a routine of traditional classes and learn some new moves for the dance floor.

Jazz Dance Classes
Dance in musical and artistic expression

Pembroke School of Performing Arts jazz classes include isolations, movement patterns, and rhythmic coordination to develop strength, flexibility, and jazz technique in a musical and artistic expression.

Modern Dance Classes
Interpretative dancing

Modern dance allows the dancer to articulate and communicate an idea, story, or to express the emotions and ideas of the choreographer. Students will use alignment, core strength & balance to build strength, flexibility, as well as grow musically and artistically.

Pointe Dance Classes
Learn to be graceful and weightless

In Pembroke School of Performing Arts’ pointe classes, emphasis is on proper body alignment and the strengthening of abdominal muscles, and ankles.

Tap Dance Classes
Become a percussive participant

Tap dance is an exciting mix of rhythmic patterns, sounds, and movement. Students begin with the “basic” sounds (toe, heels, flap, shuffle) and progress to more complex and/or syncopated rhythmic patterns (time steps, riffs, wings, etc).

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