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Pointe Dance ClassesFor ages 10+

Pointe is one of the major components of classical ballet, where the weight of the dancer is supported by the tips of the feet, appearing poised, graceful, and weightless. In Pembroke School of Performing Arts’ pointe dance classes, emphasis is on proper body alignment and the strengthening of abdominal muscles, and ankles.

Pointe Dance Class Schedule

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Pointe Dance Lessons

Pembroke School of Performing Arts pointe dance classes meet once a week for 1 hour. Beginning pointe before a student is ready increases the potential for injury. Please inquire prior to enrolling to ensure proper placement.

Our pointe dance classes can be added to any course of study as a supplemental class at a reduced rate, or taken as single class.


Tuition is due the first of each month or parents may select a quarterly payment schedule.


All students are required to wear class leotards and tights as assigned to their class.

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