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Hip Hop ClassesFor ages 6-adult

Hip Hop is a high-energy, performance-focused style of dance and is a fun option for students who love popular dance music.  While there are several common moves, such as breaking, popping, or locking, there’s a big emphasis on personal improvisation.  Hip Hop classes can be a great break in a routine of traditional classes, or just a fun way to get in shape and learn some new moves for the dance floor.

Hip Hop Dance Class Schedule

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Hip Hop Class DetailsLessons, Attire & Tuition


Pembroke School of Performing Arts adult hip hop classes meet once a week for an hour. Our kids and teen hip hop dance classes meet once a week for forty-five minutes and are offered at a reduced rate if taken in addition to combination class.

Students in our kid/teen classes will perform one routine using mastered technique in our June performance.  As with all of our classes, choreography, musical selections, and costuming are age appropriate.  Please check with us prior to registering for hip hop classes to ensure your child gets registered in the proper class.

Parents are free to view their child’s class each week or when their schedule allows.


All students are required to wear class leotards and tights as assigned to their class.


Tuition is due the first of each month or parents may select a quarterly payment schedule.

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