Creative Movement Dance in Pembroke, MA

Little Feet Program

Creative Movement Dance is process that incorporates all of your child's senses, with the hopes of inspiring them to get up and move. In our "Little Feet" program we work to engage our young dancers by incorporating stories, music, props, and many fun analogies (i.e. hop like a frog!) This helps to improve listening skills and encourages independent movement.
In class we work on improving our gross motor skills, all while having fun! Some exercises include: basic tumbling on our mats, guided ribbon dancing by mimicking the instructor, using colors to make patterns, counting steps, and using our "listening ears" in a call-and-response type of dance.

Even though many of our "Little Feet" dancers are still developing their skills, we strive to provide a warm, calm, and secure environment that promotes growth and introduces your child to new concepts.

Creative First Steps Program- Ballet & Tap -BEGINNING IN JANUARY 2018

“Creative First Steps Dance Program” is a 45-minute a week program for dancers between the ages of 2.5 and 3 years old. The program has been designed to help young dancers transition from our “Little Feet” program to a regular combination Tap and Ballet class. This class is for dancers who have learned to use their “listening ears” and are ready for more structure within the classroom setting. Similar to our “Little Feet” program, “Creative First Steps” will also incorporate the use of games and metaphors but this time to teach the fundamentals of Ballet and Tap. In order to expose the young dancers to the stage, they will perform 1 dance in our Annual June Show.

Wednesdays 9:45-10:30 AM
Tuition: $60.00/ month
Costume: $75.00