S203. Acro Dance – Ages 12+ Advanced

Acro Dance – Advanced
Ages 12+

Price $70

3 week summer program – – – Description coming – Under construction

All of our instructors and staff have passed the CORI check mandated by the state of Massachusetts.

007G. Open Ballet Class Ages 10 +

Open Ballet
Ages 10 and Up


This class can be added to any course of study as a supplemental class at a reduced rate, or taken as single class. It requires placement approval, please inquire for proper placement.

104M – Junior Company Level 4 Modern

Combination class students study Ballet and Tap, focusing on age appropriate technique and terminology. This class meets once a week for 45 minutes during the school year, and has a "sister" class available at no cost for make of any classes missed up due to illness, weather related, etc.

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Open Tap 2

Open Tap 2
Ages 12 and Up


Intermediate / Advanced ages 12 and up – may be taken in addition to combination class at reduced rate