Sheer Dace Competition 2020

Pembroke School of Performing Arts

Sheer Dance Competition Mansfield/Foxboro, 31 Hampshire St Mansfield Ma 02048

Additional Awards:

Sheer Ambassadors – Lily R & Jarred

Artistic awards – Ashton, Bella A, Grace K, Lilah, James, Kayla, Indy, Mackenzie, Zoe, Bella M, Logan, Cailene, Alex, Anna, Hayley

Excellent Awards – Lucy, Chloe, Nicole, Collin, Alex, Sofia B, Lily R, Julia F

Studio Award for all Jr Group 13 + Productions!

We received 2 out of 3 Outstanding Choreography awards – Hello Dolly choreographed by Miss Jenn & Survivor choreographed by Mr. Jarred

Directors Award went to My Shinning Hour performed by Bella Almeida, choreographed by Miss Jenn

Ballet Scholarships summer intensives went to Luci Waitkus, James Maloney, Logan Madeiros, Lily Romanelli, Cailene Cummings

Entry # Time Title Div/Cat Age Level Awards
#33 9:28 Down at the Dinner Group/Tap 1-8 comp Diamond – 1st Place!
Special Award – Take a Selfie Award
#39 9:48 Bop Group/Jazz 1-8 comp Titanium
#41 10:15am Taking A Chance on Love- Ashton Solo/tap 1-8 Elt Diamond
Special award – Foot Mover 1st Place Overall
#49 10:37am Le Jazz Hot- Maddi Solo/jazz 11-12 Elt Titanium
#51 10:42am Pennies from Heaven- Emily B Solo/tap 11-12 Elt Platinum
#52 10:45am Honeysuckle Rose- Bella M Solo/tap 11-12 Elt Diamond
Special award – Rhythm Genius 2nd place overall
#66 11:23am Black and Gold- Sarah G Solo/Jazz 13-15 Elt Platinum
#67 11:26am Is It Alright- Bella A Solo/Lyrical 13-15 Elt Titanium
#68 11:29am Blue Lips- Alissa Solo/Lyrical 13-15 Elt Platinum
#69 11:32am All I want- Campbell Solo/Lyrical 13-15 Elt Platinum
#73 11:43am Coming Home- Sarah B Solo/Lyrical 13-15 Elt Platinum
#75 11:48 All that Matters- Lily Solo/M Th 13-15 Elt Diamond
#77 11:54am Trolley Song- Julia Solo/M Th 13-15 Elt Diamond
#78 11:56am Ain’t Nobody- Nicole Solo/Tap 13-15 Elt Diamond 4th place- Teen Solo
#79 11:59am Somethings Got A Hold on Me- Anna Solo/Tap 13-15 Elt Diamond
#80 12:02pm My Shining Hour- Isabella Solo/Tap 13-15 Elt Diamond 1st Place – Teen Solo
#82 12:07pm AWO- Cailene Solo/Tap 13-15 Elt Diamond   5th Place – Teen Solo
#84 12:13pm Imagine- Hayley Solo/tap 13-15 Elt Titanium
#85 12:16pm The Beat Goes On- Sofia Solo/Tap 13-15 Elt Diamond
#86 12:18pm Epiphany-Abi Solo/Ballet 16-21 Elt Titanium
#103 1:05Pm Survive- Michelle Solo/Lyrical 16-21 Elt Platinum
#106 1:13pm Love is a Verb-Logan Solo/Tap 16-21 Elt Diamond 3rd Place – Sr Solo
#107 1:06pm When I was Your Man- Collin Solo/Tap 16-21 Elt Diamond 4th place – Sr Solo
#108 1:19pm Set Fire to the Rain- Grace Solo/Tap 16-21 Elt Titanium 1st Place – Sr Solo
#109 1:22pm Natural Women- Alex Solo/Tap 16-21 Elt Titanium
#112 2:20pm I’m into Something Good- Lilah, James Dou/Tap 1-8 Elt Titanium
Overall High Score 1st Place
#116 2:31pm That’s How we Do-Kenzie, Kayla, Indy Trio/MTh 1-8 Elt Titanium
Overall Small Wonders Trio 1st place
#117 2:34pm Unbreakable- Zoe, Bella, Ashton Trio/Acro 9-10 Elt Titanium
Jr Trio 1st Place
#119 2:40pm Better Together-Kylie, Athena, Kaila Trio/Jazz 9-10 Elt Platinum
Jr Trio 4th Place
#121 2:46pm B & W Thunderbird Hannah, Bella, Hayden Trio/Jazz 9-10 Elt Platinum
Jr Trio 5th Place
#126 3:00pm The Syncopated Clock- Juniors Group/Ballet 9-10 Elt Platinum
#128 3:06pm Dance With Me- Mini Group/ Jazz 1-8 Elt Titanium
Overall Sm Wonder Sm Group – 4th Place
#132 3:20pm True Colors- Juniors Group/Lyrical 9-10 Elt Titanium Jr Sm Group – 2nd place
#136 3:39pm Choo Choo Ch’Boogie- Mini Group/Tap 1-8 Elt Titanium
#140 4:04pm Fragile World- Mini Group/Lyrical 1-8 Elt Titanium
Overall Sm Wonder Sm Group – 5th Place
#144 4:24pm On Broadway- Juniors Group/Jazz 9-10 Elt Titanium
Jr Sm Group – 5th place
#148 4:44pm It’s A Good Day-Juniors Group/Tap 9-10 Elt Titanium
Jr Sm Group – 3rd place
#152 5:04pm A Million Dream- Acro Lg Group/Acro 9_10 Elt Titanium
#156 5:24pm It’s Party Time-Mini & Jr Lg Group/Mus Th 9-10 Elt Platinum
#163 6:41pm Carry You Duo/Lyrical 13-15 Elt Titanium
#165 6:46pm I Won’t Dance Dou/Tap 13-15 Elt Diamond
Overall Teen Duo – 1st place
#172 7:05pm Such A Night Trio/Jazz 13-15 Elt Titanium
#173 7:08pm I’ll Be There- Sarah, Abby, Marianne Trio/Lyrical 13-15 Elt Platinum
#174 7:11pm Saint Honesty-Cailene, Julia, Lily Trio/Lyrical 13-15 Elt Diamond
#179 7:27pm Bills, Bills, Bills- Hayley, Anna, Alex Trio/Tap 13-15 Elt Special Award – WOW
#180 7:30pm Waltz from Coppelia Group/ Ballet 13-15 Elt Titanium; Special Award – Ultimate Vicki Sheer Ballet Award
#183 7:47pm Big Time-Seniors Group/Jazz 13-15 Elt Titanium
#187 8:09pm Songbird- Seniors Group/Lyrical 13-15 Elt Titanium
#191 8:28pm Sparrow- Seniors Group/Lyrical 13-15 Elt Titanium
#192 8:32pm Elegance-Seniors Group/ Tap 13-15 Elt Diamond
#195 8:50pm Survivor- Seniors Group /Tap 13-15 Elt Diamond
#198 9:08pm Diamonds-Seniors Lg Group/Jazz 13-15 Elt Titanium
#201 9:26pm Up to the Mountain-Seniors Lg Group/Cont 13-15 Elt Platinum
#204 9:49pm This is Me-Seniors Prod/Lyrical 13-15 Elt Diamond; Special Award – Most Motivating
#207 10:16pm Hello Dolly- Seniors Prod/M Th 13-15 Elt Diamond; Special Award – Best of the Day
#210 10:44pm Newsies- Seniors Prod/Tap 13-15 Elt Diamond

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