Dance Classes in Pembroke, MA

Multi-Level Dance Classes:
kids wearing ballet costumes - dance school Pembroke in Pembroke, MA
Dance classes for the general division meet one time per week. Monthly tuition is due the first day of each month. For those choosing the quarterly payment plan, that payment is due on the second of October, December, and April. All students are required to wear class leotards along with ballet, tap, and jazz shoes as assigned to their class.
General division dance classes are often asked to perform in community service events and will also participate in a winter demonstration performance in the studio prior to holiday break. Their class leotard will be their costume attire. Arrangements for our dancewear have been pre-arranged with Little Shoes in Plymouth. Parents only need to inform them of your child's class time, and the necessary items will be made available to you. There are no worries about stock running out.
Dance Classes - PSPA classes are all designed to give aspiring dancers a strong fundamental dance foundation in a positive and exciting atmosphere. Every student studies Ballet, Tap and Jazz. Class time and length of study is determined by a combination of age and technical ability of the student. The health of our dancers is foremost in our thoughts; all classrooms have wood sprung floors or Marley to prevent injury. Studios 1 & 2 currently use the same floor as Dancing with the Stars and Studio 3 has a Roscoe floating sub floor and surface otherwise known as Marley as used by colleges, touring companies, and competitions alike. We have taken great lengths to insure the health of our dancers. We are not dancing on cement surfaces.

All classes must have a minimum of five students. Many of our Preschool through Elementary programs includes class assistants in addition to a trained and qualified teacher, providing plenty of individual attention.
Class time is focused on technique Sept through February. We begin our performance choreography in March, combining skills mastered and perfected in the earlier classes into our choreography, showcasing our dancer's growth. Choreography and music are always age appropriate.
All classes beyond the Beginner Level classes require placement audition. PSPA Dance and Performance Teams are multi leveled offering a Mini, Jr and Sr Team experience. Dance Team requires a placement audition and staff recommendation. For additional information inquire with Miss Kathleen.
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boys smiling with their dance attire - dance school Pembroke in Pembroke, MA
General Division - Preschool, Kindergarten and Elementary Level 1 Classes- All meet one time per week and are one hour long. Students study Ballet and Tap Sept thru Dec. and Ballet, Tap and Jazz Jan through Feb. and begin their choreography for the June performance March through June focusing on Ballet and Tap. Classes are scheduled on various days and times as our parents have requested. If your dancer requires a certain day and time please share with us your request and together we can build a class, minimum of five dancers required. Students may add Acro to their schedule at an additional cost. Dancers will perform a minimum of two dances in the June show providing they have good attendance.
Elementary Levels 2, Intermediate Levels 3, 4 - Classes study Ballet, Tap and Jazz continuously all year long, Meeting on various days and times. Class length varies from an hour and fifteen minutes to two hours in length. (Tuition is due the first of each month or parents may select a quarterly payment schedule). Students may add Hip Hop or Acro to their schedule at an additional cost.
Jr Company is defined by Dancers attending classes a minimum two times per week studying Ballet, Tap and Jazz. (Tuition is due payable the first of each month or parents may select a quarterly payment schedule after Sept.) Students may add Hip Hop or Acro to their studies for an additional cost.
Sr Company is defined by those dancers who have successful audition for and committed to an extended dance study of two days a week. This study includes but is not limited to and minimum of one hour of Ballet plus Tap, Jazz, Modern and Pointe where appropriate. There are currently five levels of Sr. Company ages 7 through 18.
Hip Hop is an Optional Classes meeting one time week for forty-five minute. (Tuition is due the first of each monthly or parents may select a quarterly payment plan after Sept.) Students will perform one Hip Hop dance in the June performance.
Acro Dance is an Optional Class meeting forty- five or sixty minute depending on level. (Tuition is due the first of each month or parents may select a quarterly payment after Sept). Students will perform one Acro dance in the June performance.