Intermediate/Advanced Ballet
Ages 12-18 years, Junior Company Level 4

$65/month (individual class price)
$150/mo (combo class price)

Note: This class requires placement based on combination of age and ability. Please review with staff for proper placement prior to enrolling

Typically, dancers will have had 4+ continuous years of prior dance experience to be placed in the kid’s intermediate/advanced Junior Company jazz class. Junior Company Jazz dance classes include movement and progressions, appropriate with age and skill level. Curriculum includes isolations, movement patterns, and rhythmic coordination to develop strength, flexibility, and Jazz technique in a musical and artistic expression.

This class meets for 45 minutes per week and is part of the Junior Company program consisting of Ballet, Tap and Jazz ($120 combo rate), but may be taken separately either as an individual class or in addition to other combination classes. Please register here for the combo rate.

Junior company students will have the opportunity to perform a minimum of three dances in all three weekend shows in June. As with all of our classes, choreography, musical selections, and costuming are age appropriate



Tuesday, March 26, 2019
4:15 pm — 5:15 pm

Studio 1

Alyssa Marucci

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